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I'm Suzanne. In your sessions I really get to see you in all your layers, so I guess it's only fair to offer my story to those who really want to know.

My Story

I have been exploring time lines as long as I can remember. I started seeing past lives starting at the age of 4. Windows of time opened up, just long enough for me to step in and look around. My past life memories were not dreams. They were visceral experiences in color and they contained sound, smell, temperature, texture and emotion. They contained images that I would not have had prior knowledge of in terms of historical reference at the time of the experience. I could look around and gather information. It wasn’t at all like watching a movie. I remember trying to ask questions as a child and knowing that the people around me did not understand what I was really talking about. I often reflected on the lives that were shown to me. Why? What was the reason for these “memories”? What did they have to do with me now? It would be decades before those questions would be answered.

In college I studied art and design. It was at this time I became cognitively aware  that creative projects could shift me into a “flow” state. During these states inspirations flowed to me, unexpectedly a vision or window could open to another timeline. These experiences caused me to continually seek out metaphysical teachings and others who have had similar experiences. 

My own spiritual understanding had expanded far beyond religion and I developed some curiosity about Albert Einstein’s string theory. The concept that time was not linear was and is mind blowing. Is it possible I was peeking into parallel realities? This and years of metaphysical practices and self development study led me to the fascinating work of Delores Cannon, the founder of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®). After working with the Subconscious for 45 years and after thousands of regressions, she developed and fine tuned her method which has been used by practitioners worldwide. I decided to experience this first hand. I found a local practitioner and booked my session. You are asked to bring a list of questions to pose to your Higher Self or Subconscious. So I asked… Why? Why did I remember those lives? I thought there might be lessons for me that I simply didn’t understand at the time. But the answer was simple. “We knew you would have a positive religious experience and we wanted you to remember that there is more. Religion is a pocket and you are expanded beyond the pocket.” Wow! That was the gentle way my higher self was constantly nudging me to wake up, to see past the veil of humanity. Everytime I would fall into the trap of being or doing what society expected, boom, another window into time would open. Waking me up to seeing past the social constructs of humans. A reminder that there is more than what we are told. A whisper to continue seeking. 

What is your higher self saying to you? Are you listening? I love helping people explore past lives, release old patterns and blocks that do not need to be a part of their current life. Everyone has a completely different experience and I tailor your session to your personality and goals. 

If you are called to this experience the perfect opportunity will present itself when you are truly ready to receive the messages from your higer self. Until then, I’ll share my message with you. Never stop expanding your mind, seeking wisdom and listening to your truth.

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