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About Your Unique Custom Hypnosis Package.

Whatever your challenge, I promise you there is a deep or even hidden cause. Hypnosis will help you uncover the root cause and find resolve. 

What to Expect



Creating Your Plan

Book your initial consultation and collaboration call. This is a 1hour zoom call where we go over your intake forms and create a plan that is unique to you. I'll recommend the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired goal.


Custom Hypnosis

The following sessions are around 90 minutes. Your session will start with an illuminating conversation about anything that came up around the topic since we last spoke. Followed by a hypnosis or neurolingustic session that supports your goals. 

3-5 sessions are generally recommended

$150 each



Homework recommendations may be practicing self hypnosis or cognitive behavioral exercises, journaling or meditation. Bringing awareness to the positive improvements is confirmation that the inevitable change is happening in the direction of your goals. This sends reassurance to both the conscious and subconscious mind, anchoring in the changes.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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