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All About Your Past Life Regression with Suzanne

This is a mind, body, energy approach that gets to the root cause of a problem. It may involve revisiting traumatic experiences from this life or another. Role change, spirit release, forgiveness therapy and past life regression may be involved. The transformation occurs from the healing at the source and may be experienced immediately or over time. This session is helpful even when the problem is hidden or disguised.

Before Your Session

Image by Vicky Sim


Set Intentions

Focus on your desired outcome and be willing to recieve. Fill out the session prep and intake form to help structure you goals for the session.


Release Expectations

Once you set your intentions, it is necessary to release the desire to control the outcome. Trust your higher self to deliver the experience you need now. So come with a clear mind, an open heart. 


Relax & Trust

Allow for exta time and don't plan things after the session. The pressure of a busy to do list is just a distraction. This is a day to let the mind unwind.

During Your Session



Illuminating Conversation

Your session is completely confidential. Anything you say will remain private. We have a very honest vunerble conversation that will bring everything that is ready to transform to the surface.

Before the hypnosis begins we take a short bathroom break. 


Hypnosis/Past Life Regression

Next I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation. The analytical part of your brain sits quietly in the background and observes. Allow yourself to rely on your senses. Feel into the experience and the images will solidify. Report whatever you are experiencing. The more you talk, the more unfolds.


Online Hypnosis Notes

When taking advantage of online hypnosis there are a few requirements. 

  1. Alone and are uninterupted

  2. A good internet connection

  3. A laptop plugged into the wall

  4. Headphones work best

After Your Session


Drink Water

You might experience detox sypmtoms as emotions and tramas that were stored in your physical tissues are leaving your body. When the feeling/trauma is exiting your field you will feel it as it leave. Do not confuse this with the feeling returning. Acknowlege it as it goes. Choose another feeling to put where it once lived. Example: If you stored fear in your belly as nausea, then as is leaving you replace it with courage or confidence.



Integrate the widom gained from your session into your day today and keep connecting with your subconcious mind and body through prayer and mediation. 

Listen to your session recording. 

Journal for clarity.


Post Session Healing

The days, weeks or even months after your session healing can continue. Especially while sleeping, right before waking and before falling asleep. Invite it in to your sleeptime. Listen to your recording from time to time. This helps uncover deeper messages and prevent the egoic mind from trying to "talk" you out of your experience.

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