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All About Your QHHT Session with Suzanne

You are a limitless being with the ability to transform yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

It may sound far fetched, but time traveling, also known as, past life regression is the vehicle to the powerful being that you truly are. QHHT® is an in-depth process that will not only open the door to profound wisdom, but deep healing as well.

With this process, I will walk you through a past life that will not only give you answers to your current life situation but it will connect you to your higher self where healing and knowing abound.

How to Prepare for Your Session

Image by Robin Schreiner


Extra Steps to Prerpare

Leading up to your session, meditate, acknowledge syncronicities and invite angels and your spirit team to be present.


Set Intentions

Focus on your desired outcome and be willing to receive. Write down your questions/concerns clearly on paper. Topics usually include: Health/Physical, Relationships, Spiritual, and Career/Life purpose. Fill out the session prep and intake form to help structure you goals for the session. 


Release Expectations

Once you set your intentions, it is necessary to release the desire to control the outcome. Trust your higher self to deliver the experience you need now. So come with a clear mind, an open heart and your list.

Allow for exta time and don't plan things after the session. The pressure of a busy to do list is just a distraction. This is a day to let the mind unwind.

What to Expect During Your Session

White Walls


Illuminating Conversation

Your session is completely confidential. Anything you say will remain private. For some, this is where big shifts happen. We dive deep into your journey to bring everything that is ready to transform to the surface.


Next, we will go over your list of questions and modify or fine tune your intentions.

Before the hypnosis begins we take a short bathroom break. 


Hypnosis/Past Life Regression

Next I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation that transitions your brainwaves from Beta, to Alpha and Theta. The analytical part of your mind sits quietly in the background and observes. Allow yourself to rely on your senses. Feel into the experience and the images will solidify. Report whatever you are experiencing. The more you talk, the more unfolds. There are no judgements, only experiences to witness and information to gather. You will explore 1-3 past lives or any other experiences your soul has had, if appropriate. Not everyone experiences past lives but connects directly to the higher self or soul collective. Sometimes current life or energy healing is required first. Every sesssion is unique.


Higher Self Communication

This part is very different for every client. Try not set an expectation for what this will look or sound like. Trust the first feelings and words coming to you. It can feel akward at first, almost like you are working with a translator. For some it is the most natural part. Your experience will be unique. This is the part of the session where I will interview your higher self on your behalf. Making this connection will allow you to more easily maintian this relationship with your own intuition. Making this connection will allow for healing to happen.

After Your Session



Drink Water

You might experience detox sypmtoms as emotions and traumas that were stored in your physical tissues are leaving your body. When the feeling/trauma is exiting your field you may feel it as it leaves. Do not confuse this with the feeling returning. Acknowlege it as it goes. Send loving thoughts to your body for holding it in for so long and be grateful for the peace that follows.



If your were advised to make changes to your lifestyle, make them. Integrate the widom gained from your session into your day today and stay connected to your higher self by inviting it in daily. Spend time in your inner sanctuary or meditate.

Listen to your session recording. 

Journal for clarity.


Post Session Healing

The days, weeks or even months after your session healing can continue. Especially while sleeping, right before waking and before falling asleep. Listen to your recording from time to time. This helps uncover deeper messages and prevent the egoic mind from trying to "talk" you out of your experience.

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