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These are the most powerful methods I have found to make positive change in our state of being.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis

I use Dolores Cannon's tried and true formula to access past lives and work with your subconscious and gain access to your higher self. I incorporated this technique into a complete package with extra tools and integration methods to maximize your session.


Custom Personalized Hypnosis

This is a mind, body, energy approach that gets to the root cause of a problem. It may involve revisiting traumatic experiences from this life or another. Role change, spirit release, parts integration, forgiveness therapy and past life regression may be involved. 


Energy Reading

I offer this to clients who are not ready for a hypnosis session but would like to connect with me and start to balance their energy centers. A chakra reading is more interactive than simply receiving Reiki. You will get messages and action steps.

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